Trapped Annular Pressure Mitigation with a Shrinking Spacer Fluid

Recorded On: 07/30/2012

This presentation discusses the development of a new mitigation method approach for the challenges of thermal expansion and high pressure, causing the collapse of casing and tubing strings. This new method has created a water-based spacer fluid that will be used just ahead of the cement. This discussion covers the initial lab work, a mid-scale test-well trial and a full-scale land-based field trial of all the equipment and processes necessary to apply the technology in deep water.

The technology was jointly developed by Chevron, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Lucite International and Baker Hughes.

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Ben Bloys is the manager for Chevron’s Technology Alliance with Los Alamos National Laboratories. He also manages several University technology development programs. Ben worked for 17 years at the ARCO Technology Center before joining Chevron in 2000. He holds a BS degree in chemistry from Angelo State University (1984). He has 31 technical publications, 18 patents and is a member of SPE, AADE, ACS and API.

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Recorded 07/30/2012
Recorded 07/30/2012 60 Minutes
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