Mitigate Pore Pressure and Frac Gradient Window Uncertainty Using Intelligent Managed Pressure Drilling Systems

Recorded On: 03/27/2019

Pore Pressure Uncertainty is one of the biggest challenges faced by drilling companies today. Despite the great advancements in the generation of new models to predict the mud weight window, pressure uncertainty  still represents a significant percentage in the total amount of nonproductive time in drilling operations. The implementation of intelligent Managed Pressure Drilling systems has proven to be an effective instrument reducing this nonproductive time by assessing the pore pressure limits while drilling and by minimizing the consequences of encountering abnormal pore pressure or unexpected downhole fluid losses by allowing a quick response to this events detecting and automatically adjusting bottomhole pressure. This webinar will go through the concept of an intelligent MPD system and how this has been implemented to assess the formation pressure limits and mitigate drilling hazards.

This webinar is categorized under the Management and Information discipline.  

Carlos Iturrios

SDS Technical Manager, Weatherford

Mr. Iturrios has more than 11 years of progressive Oilfield experience in Managed Pressure Drilling Operations (including CBHP, PMCD, nitrified mud, foam drilling, etc.) designing and executing with single-phase and two-phase fluids, nitrogen injection through drill pipe and concentric casing, in HPHT wells, LPHT wells and high pressure gas wells. His oilfield career started as MPD Field Engineer working for Schlumberger in projects in Mexico and Latin America and afterwards moving to Weatherford in the Middle East. He is currently the GeoZone Technical Manager for MPD Operations for Weatherford.

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03/27/2019 at 9:30 AM (EDT)   |  90 minutes
03/27/2019 at 9:30 AM (EDT)   |  90 minutes
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0.15 CEU/1.5 PDH credits  |  Certificate available
0.15 CEU/1.5 PDH credits  |  Certificate available